Terms & Conditions

Should we be required to dress an event out of hours or on a bank holiday there may be additional charge for this, please contact us for more information.

We do hold a cash deposit for damage or lost items, while the goods are on hire. If anything were damaged or missing we will automatically take replacement costs of the item/s from this and send a receipt for this along with the description of the item/s missing/damaged. If the item/s are returned back complete and undamaged we can refund you for those items.

We are unable to un-stack or put out chairs at your venue. This something you need to sort with the venue before our arrival. If there is an issue and we do need to put chairs out, there is an additional charge of 30p per chair charge. This payment will be taken directly from your holding cash and a receipt will be sent.

It is your responsibility to arrange with your venue to have the correct amount of chairs available for us to dress. We will only cover the chairs that have been put out for us. We are unable to leave any spare covers/sashes.

If your event includes a ceremony remember to check with your venue if they supply the extra chairs for registrars. Many venues will have four chairs at the front and you will need to order an extra two covers and sashes.

Napkin ties are pre tied as bows and laid on napkins

The ‘Company’ is Special Occasion Hire Ltd. Trading as Special Occasion Hire The ‘Hirer’ is any person or company who hires or has agreed to hire Goods from the Company. ‘Goods or equipment’ means goods provided by the Company in accordance with the Company’s standard Terms and Conditions of hire.

A £100.00 refundable deposit is required to reserve your booking, if there is no loss or damage to items hired the £100.00 deposit is refunded back. Please send our accounts department your bank details so we can refund your deposit. A minimum spend requirement of £500.00+vat is required within 20 mile radius of Special Occasion Hire or a minimum spend of £1000.00+vat outside of this area.  Bookings can be completed on our website on the home page. Deposits can be paid using Bank Transfer or cheque. We can send paper copies of the booking forms in the post if required.

Acceptance of Conditions
The customer’s acceptance of goods on hire implies acceptance by signing and agreeing to our Conditions of Hire as given below.

Retention of Title
All goods remain the absolute property of the company and the customer undertakes not to sell, offer to sell, assign charge, pledge or underlet, lend or otherwise deal with the products unless agreed otherwise with the company.

Day of Setup
On the day of setup, we will require all linen on the tables ready for us to dress the tables. If you are using the same function room for both your Ceremony and Reception, you will need to arrange with the venue setup of the table items after the ceremony. We are unable to wait around until the ceremony is finished to dress the tables unless pre-arranged with us which may occur additional charges.

Cover Loss or Damage of Hired Equipment
The Customer assumes complete responsibility for loss of or damage to the hire products (Other than fair wear and tear) from the time the equipment is collected or delivered at the venue/premises, until it is collected. The charge will be the cost of replacing the equipment with new stock. Chair covers at £10.00 each and organza sashes at £3.00 each. For a full list of other prices please contact us Iteams will take one tow two weeks to be counted. We strongly recommend you taking out wedding insurance.

Payment for Damaged or Missing Items
By accepting the booking form you are happy for us to take payment on your deposit cash for any missing/damaged items at replacement cost. Your details will be deleted from file as soon as the items are returned complete. If we do need to charge we will send your receipt along with a description of the goods that were missing/damaged. If you are able to send any missing items back we will be happy to refund you. We strongly recommend that you check the items before they are collected and sign them off when the driver comes to the venue, if you are unable to do this we will check the items at the warehouse and our decision is final.

Charges for replacements of items hired:
£10.00 per chair cover and/or £3.00 a organza sash. Please contact us for other prices of goods hired. All costs taken are at replacement cost.

Manzanita Tree’s & Ostrich Feather Decorations
When hiring either the Manzanita Tree’s with Crystals or any decorations that require Ostrich feathers, we do stress not to let your guests remove any of the items from the display. All of the items on the displays are counted before we leave and will be recounted when we come to pick the goods up. Anything missing will be taken from the holding deposit card.

We always suggest that you let your venue know the final quantity of chairs you require for them to prepare the room with. We do not leave spares behind and will only dress the chairs placed out. Occasionally venues ask us to cover extra chairs that haven’t been paid for, if this is the case we will take this from the holding details on file.

Hire Charges – Period of Hire
The hire charge for the products commences from the time that we dress the venue, and continues until the equipment is collected. The company will require a deposit of £100.00 to secure your booking, cheques made payable to ‘Special Occasion hire.

The full balance is due 4 weeks prior to your event date and an invoice will be sent 6-8 weeks in advance, if for any reason you don’t receive an invoice please contact us asap. If payment is not received before this time, we will assume our services are no longer required and will automatically cancel the order. Once the invoice and any instalments have been paid we cannot issue refunds. Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any money paid prior to event.

Changes to an order
You can make changes to your order up to the point of 12 weeks in advance of the event. Significant changes to an order may change the quote you originally obtained. Once the invoice or any instalments have been paid we are unable to offer any refunds for unwanted goods. Items can be added on as long as they are in stock.

Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any money paid prior to event.

Adverse Weather Conditions
We cannot accept responsibility for any of our items that are used outside should they be damaged, soiled or affected by weather conditions after we have left them – Examples are; Aisle Runners getting wet & badly soiled (There may be an additional cleaning fee should the item be badly soiled or charged at replacement cost in the event cleaning fails), Outside gazebos where fabrics are affected by wind or rain. Swagging & Draping are intended as temporary constructions, severe weather conditions may affect the completed look. In the event of adverse conditions, it is Special Occasion Hire sole discretion on all outside decor if to provide the hired items due to potential damage and safety. Therefore, no refunds are given for any items not used under such incidences or should be affected by weather.

Cancellation Due to Adverse Weather
In adverse weather conditions such as Snow & Ice, it is Special Occasion Hire decision not to deliver/setup hired goods to the venue if it jepordises the safety of our staff. Special Occasion Hire will endeavour to get the hired goods to the venue and exhaust every option that is available before cancellation of the booking. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure the hired goods are insured for such incidences. As a gesture of good will, we would be happy to move the event upto 6 months subject to availability.

Termination of Liability
The Company shall be relived of all liability for obligations incurred to the Hirer and any other third party.

This contract shall be governed by English Law in the Courts of England.

Tel:0203 504 0404 (9am to 5;30pm Mon to Fri) Fridays are best to contact us on the mobile in summer months

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